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For optogenetics applications, stainless steel ferrules can be scored to increase the available surface area for the bonding agent, while ceramic ferrules are nonmagnetic, making them ideal for applications sensitive to magnetic fields.

Please note that all of our ferrules have a PC-polished end face, and are not suitable for APC polishes. Thorlabs also stocks multimode patch cables with polished ferrule ends as well as compatible implantable fiber optic cannulae for optogenetics applications see the OG Selection Guide tab for available products.

Thorlabs offers a wide range of optogenetics components; the compatibility of these products in select standard configurations is discussed in detail here. Please contact Technical Support for assistance with items outside the scope of this guide, including custom fiber components for optogenetics.

The most straightforward method for in vivo light stimulation of a specimen is to use a single fiber optic with a single LED light source. The single wavelength LED is powered by an LED driver, and then the illumination output is fiber-coupled into a patch cable, which connects to the implanted cannula.

See the graphics and expandable compatibility tables below for the necessary patch cables and cannulae to create this setup. To choose the appropriate LED and driver, see below or the full web presentation.

Click on Each Component for More Information. The ability to accurately and simultaneously direct light to multiple locations within a specimen is desired for many types of optogenetics experiments. For example, bilateral stimulation techniques typically target neurons in two spatially separated regions in order to induce a desired behavior. In more complex experiments involving the simultaneous inhibition and stimulation of neurons, delivering light of two different monochromatic wavelengths within close proximity enables the user to perform these experiments without implanting multiple cannulae, which can increase stress on the specimen.

Bilateral stimulation can be achieved with several different configurations depending on the application requirements. The rotary joint interface allows connected patch cables to freely rotate, reducing the risk of fiber damage caused by a moving specimen. See the graphic and compatibility table below for the necessary cables and cannulae to create this setup. If the intent is for one LED source to connect to two cannulae for simultaneous light modulation, then a bifurcated fiber bundle can be used to split the light from the LED into each respective cannula.

For dual wavelength stimulation mixing two wavelengths in a single cannula or a more controlled split ratio between cannula, one can use a multimode coupler to connect one or two LEDs to the cannulae.

If one cable end is left unused, the spare coupler cable end may be terminated by a light trap. For LEDs and drivers, see below or the full web presentation. Our fiber-coupled LEDs are ideal light sources for optogenetics applications. They feature a variety of wavelength choices and a convenient interconnection to optogenetics patch cables.

Thorlabs offers fiber-coupled LEDs with nominal wavelengths ranging from nm to nm.

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See the table to the right for the LEDs with the most popular wavelengths for optogenetics. A table of compatible LED drivers can be viewed by clicking below. They are compatible with many of our multimode fibers.

Please see the table to the right for a complete list of fibers compatible with these ferrules. Stainless steel ferrules can be scored to increase the available surface area for the bonding agent in optogenetics applications. Please see the table to the right for a complete list of compatible fibers.

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Close [X]. Related Items Optogenetics.

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Interconnects and Mating Sleeves. Fiber Ferrule Clamps. Fiber Optic Cannulae.


Bare Ferrule Polishing Pucks. Fiber Optic Termination Tools. Cannula Holders and Adapters.

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Optogenetics Patch Cables. Fiber Optic Mating Sleeves. Fiber and Fiber Patch Cables. Fiber Termination Kits. Fiber Cleaning. Please Wait. Click to Enlarge The cross section is different between the stainless steel and ceramic ferrules. Each ferrule is defined by bore size, length, and outer diameter.

Please Give Us Your Feedback. First Name. Contact Me:. Prefer to Request a Quote? Request Quote. Enter Comments Below:. Submit Feedback:. Could you check if this ferrule works for my fiber?

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  • Thank you. Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs.


    The coating um should be stripped off prior to connectorization. We find that they are difficult to work with because they are too short. Therefore, we end up glueing two together with a sleeve to double the length.

  • Можно ли увеличить клиренс раф4
  • It would be nice if you offered the 1. It seems that this would be easy to manufacture and would be very helpful to us and others. I will contact you to know your quantity requirements. Could thoralbs provide with empty ceramic ferule with 1mm ID and standard 2.

    We can provide this with stainless steel ferrule. We need to machine some features on this part, but have been unable because it is the fired ceramic. Can you supply this part before the ceramic firing process? Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We do not supply ceramic before the firing process at the moment. Machining zirconia ceramic would typically require the use of diamond cutting tools. According to the response on the previous question, Thorlabs can provide stainless steel ferrules with various ID and 2.

    But could you manufacture and sell stainless steel ferrules with various OD. I am interested in stainless steel ferrules with OD um or even less and ID um. If so, what is the less possible OD? Response from Phong at Thorlabs: Thorlabs can certainly provide custom sized stainless steel ferrules with various lengths and ODs.

    We will contact you directly to discuss your requirements. Response from Tim at Thorlabs: We can provide 2.

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    We will contact you to discuss your dimensional requirements. Click for Details. Patch cables for single source to single implant applications are highlighted in green above. Choose a patch cable with an input that matches your light source. Available cannulae are highlighted in orange of the table above. Cannulae within the same column are interchangeable.

    Click for Detials. Individual products may be used outside this range; see product information for detailed specifications. Items listed in the same "Ferrule Style" column are compatible with each other. Optogenetics products for one or two light sources to two cannula implant applications are highlighted in green above.

    Cannule within the same column are interchangeable. Patch cables for dual light source to single implant applications are highlighted in green above. Click to Enlarge MF3. This avoids the cost and inconvenience of receiving an unwanted single-channel supply if a hub-based system Item KCH or KCH would be more appropriate. These LED drivers have a maximum forward voltage rating of 5 V and can provide a maximum current of mA.

    LEDs with maximum current ratings higher than 1.

    The driver accepts other waveforms, but the maximum frequency will be reduced. Additional Fiber Lab Supplies. Products Home. Rapid Order.

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  • The Company. Contact Us. My Thorlabs. Bare Fiber Terminator. M86L M86L